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Smallville issues

I am adding this because I have been reading the boards and also getting emails about my feelings of Smallville, the next Superman movie maybe having the cast of Smallville, Tom Welling etc etc

I love Smallville and have every season on DVD, I have met every cast member and I used to have a crush on Allison Mack after I met her. Erica Durance is great both as a person and as Lois Lane. The show has had it's ups and downs and probably should have ended at season six but to me it's a good imagining of the myth of Superman.  BUT...

For a bigscreen Superman film that will appeal to everyone (remember WB has to make some money thats why they make movies) it can't be a movie based on anything Smallville has established and it's a very shaky move to use any of the cast because Joe Average movie goer will make a Smallville connection and if he/she isn't a fan then they won't see the movie.

Now "why not use what Smallville has established ?" true die hard Superman fans will pick this apart for days and it will fail. The fans and diehards of Batman have made Dark knight the monster that it is. Superman has potential to be greater than that but it cannot achieve that level using Smallville as a guide or outline. The classic telling of Superman is what made Superman the #1 superhero and most recognizable icon on earth next to Mickey Mouse- Smallville altered the history too much to be able to logically justify some things/elements that must be present in the next Superman film.
1) Lex Luthor would have to have amnesia to believe that Superman is not Clark Kent
2) they have already introduced Supergirl who should not be more mature than Clark and obviously she would age at the same rate as Clark so she would never be the Supergirl from the books
3) Meteor rocks giving people powers- in the books over exposure is harmful to humans and that's ok but super powers dished out in elaborate forms ala Smallville is too much to carry over to the film
4) Martha Kent is a Senator ? we want the sweet old woman with nothing but love for Clark
5) Lois should not have met Clark before he arrives in Metropolis and she has an established career. That was the underlying magic- Lois didn't want the new guy with the great typing speed and ability to spell taking her thunder- it made her even more hard nosed and tough
6) Why is Metropolis a short drive away from a Kansas town ?
7) Indian legends and caves with secret portals to the Fortress of Solitude ? too many holes in that and too much opportunity for anybody to et to Superman's secret home.
8) Cyborg is a teen titan, Aquaman is more 'Regal' than that and the Flash or Impulse whatever is not Barry Allen- so they have already established versions of heroes that don't fit the comics the way many will remember.
9) Oliver Queen is portrayed in a much higher status than all the other heroes who actually possess powers! They made Green Arrow into a leather clad version of a blind man's Batman. Only Batman can command such authority without having superpowers. I like Green Arrow but not this version.
10) Perry White has been portayed as a drunk who found the light after encountering Clark and he works somewhere for a tabloid. The classic Perry White is much more relatable- the man who started out as a copy boy then a reporter then editor in chief. The symbol of hard work and perseverence. He is the Daily Planet to the core.

I won't go on because it's endless- like I said I love the show but for what it is. What it isn't is a true representation of Superman. The fantasy that Siegal and Schuster created is there and time tested so why try something different for the big screen? Take the story- bring it to the 21st century LOGICALLY !! and there you will have a Superman film that is bigger than Dark Knight. Dark Knight is the most true representation of Batman so far and it hit a homerun- it had a couple glitches but they were so minor that they disappeared. Bob Kane created a mythical character and Nolan ran with that idea. That has to be done with Superman. Superman is a god among men, pure of heart and self sacrifiicing, take the history- update where needed to fit our time period, keep the essential ingrediants that made it great and write a story from that foundation. And ? ATTENTION TO DETAIL ! create a map and make sure that there are no stones unturned and no plotholes that fit trucks. "Returns" was so irritating because of that- something so simple like length of time to travel to Krypton...if you are claiming to follow the Donner films and pay 'homage' then how can a 5 year old land on earth in the original and then you begin your film with Superman gone 5 years using the same vessel? Trip times 2= 10 years!! ATTENTION TO DETAIL !!