Fan script for Man of Steel

a fan with an imagination

Act I : Invasion and tragedy in 'Utopia'

 Story is divided into three parts(acts). With an expected runtime of 45mins per act and a 2hr15min movie.

On the screen- the audience is taken back in time to when a couple of boys created a man, a hero, someone who could make all bad things go away.

Two boys walking home from school as they are walking they are talking back and forth. They are seen walking away from school, then they walking down a neighborhood block, then they are entering a house, then they are in a bedroom tossing a baseball back and forth. While all this happens this is the conversation:
Jerry: what does he look like ?
Joey: Tall- he's gotta be tall...and big! big like my dad..
Jerry: and strong! like Hercules strong...
Joey: black hair..
Jerry: blue eyes like that actor guy...mustache?
Joey: nah...
Jerry: what else do we want him to do?
Joey: he has to be fast...faster than a speeding bullet
Jerry: and bullets can't hurt him!
Joey: yeah! and..and he can leap! high really high...
Jerry: the tallest buildings! (sound of a train in the distance)
Joey: and he's powerful..(sound of train whistle)
Jerry: more powerful than...than
Joey : than what ?(train passes in the distance)
Jerry: ummm I don't know..but he's powerful! (they are both laying down staring up envisioning -letting their imagination run)
Joey: what do we call him ?

CUE MUSIC John Williams Theme and on a screen that looks like space and stars, the familiar 'S' shield very small in the distance comes toward the audience and  fills the screen at the point of the familiar crescendo of the music. It is metallic silver against the background of space. The shield becomes an outlined montage(the montage plays within the shield still set against the background of space)


Jor El before the council,preparing the ship,mother and father say goodbye to baby kal el, planet krypton implodes, ship races towards earth, mid west farm couple find baby, baby lifts car, boy discovers super speed, teenager wakes to find himself hovering above his bed, young man treks north, kent arrives at Daily Planet, meeting Lois, various heroic acts including an homage to previously seen on film- the railroad track scene from Superman I,the tipping over of boulders to block the flooding water from Superman I,the School bus rescue on the bridge,the helicopter rescue,an armed bank robbery, barrage of headlines from newspapers and magazines(headlines include 'Look Ma no hands','Look up in the sky!','Superman','Amazing!','Man of Steel','America's favorite son','Champion for Truth and Justice','Earth's Mightiest Hero','Crime Rate Down','LexCorp on the rise','1-2 Punch! LexCorp and Superman Global Heroes','LexCorp settles into Metropolis' ending with Time Magazine headline/cover "Metropolis-Americas' City"

EXT. LATE AFTERNOON: Metropolis Park

4 or 5 workers putting together tracks and rails for rides and activities for the upcoming festival

Worker 1: This is going to be some shin dig, you bringing the kids?

Worker 2: you kidding me? it's all they been talking about

Worker 3: (looking up at banner behind podium) America's City...I remember when we were worse off than Gotham

Worker 1: well times change(pan over to volunteers putting up banners and ballons)

Worker 2(chiming in) and it don't hurt having a big blue boyscout hehe

Worker 3: you ain't kidding! I hope that never changes(a moment or two passes)

Worker 1: ...ever wonder where'd this city be without him?

Worker 2: nah...ain't a thing on earth could stop big blue
(workers continue with putting together rails and rides,volunteers with balloons,a sense of calm) 

Worker 1: Yeah thats' pretty much the god honest truth..nothing could stop him

Worker 3: Marge says that should scare us

Worker 2: what ?

Worker 3: nothing...just a crazy thought...lets get this done I got a steak to get home to

overhead camera zoom away from workers/park, children are playing pretending to fly(small red capes tied around their necks)continue camera zoom out(entire park-entire city-eventually earth) beautiful shot of Earth

**scene insert** onboard a space vessel, it is dim and shadowy, the camera is wide shot and zoomed out. All we see is a shadowed large figure kneeling in the center of an elevated dimly lit platform (much like the way Dath Vader kneeled and communicated with the Emperor in Star Wars)
Devilance: My lord...we are nearing earth and prepared to descend and seize.

voice of Darkseid: Very well. Their race is insignificant,enslave the strong,eradicate the rest. what I seek is buried somewhere in their pathetic planet. seek out their ruler and kill it. as with any race they will bow down in fear and embrace me as their Lord.

Devilance: yes my lord.

INT. SPACE STATION: ISS Int'l Space Station ( astronauts relaxing enjoying the view of Earth)

Astronaut 1: I long have we been here?(looking out of observation glass)

Astro 2: too long baby ! too too long !(listening to music,reading a magazine)

Astro 3: the way you're throwing around 'baby' I'd have to agree(writing a letter)

Astro 2: My baby is down back in Central City..where I will be in 18 days !

Astro 1:(notices an object in the distance getting closer for a moment or two until).. ummm guys am I seeing this or have I been awake too long ?

Astro 3: what is that ? an asteroid ?

Astro 2: moving too slow for an asteroid...

Astro 1: and that has a headlight...

Astro 2: what the...

Astro 3 : get on the horn...need to get a hold of Houston
(just then the 'light' grows from small flicker to fully encompassing glow)


INT. NASA:Houston NASA Command Center

An airforce officer on watch sees 'contact alpha' blink out. He taps the screen, checks the dials, attempts to reach on comms... no luck. He darts out of his seat and over to Watch Officer

airforce officer: Sir.. I'm not sure but I think we've lost Alpha 1 !

officer in charge: What do you mean lost ? How did we lose an entire Space station?

airforce officer: we have no satellite , no comms...not a blip-Sir, it's almost like it was never there (officer in charge takes a look- switches some channels,tries to communicate with Alpha 1)
officer in charge: I'll be damned if Apha 1 just 'disappeared' ? We don't just lose space stations- not on my watch!..get with the techs and and try and get satellite visual,(grabbing phone) Carmichael? this is Richard -wake up everyone that matters(to the officers in the control room) continue satellite search, keep on the comms and see if they pop back in... and alert the secretary of defense...

***scene insert** : back onboard space vessel Devilance is seated this time still a shadowy dimly lit shot wideshot and zoomed out. we don't want a clear shot of Devilance until he arrives on earth. Ships computer system speaks:
voice: Lord Devilance- planetary scan indicates a non human life form of significant density and high level of solar energy

Devilance : solar ? what species is this ?

voice: unknown my lord, it is not in my database

Devilance: no matter. if this is their ruler it will die by my hand. prepare the tube. what is the location of this rare species ?

INT. DAILY PLANET : Daily Planet

Hustle and Bustle of the busiest newsroom in America. Reporters going back and forth. Sounds of keyboards and telephones. The bell of the elevator- doors open to reveal Clark Kent.

Clark Kent  enters with 2 coffees, 2 jumbo Hotdogs, orange juice(the usual)
Lois Lane approaches grabs hotdog and orange juice..

Lois: freshly squeezed ?

Clark: You ask every day.....(hesitantly) yes freshly squeezed.

Lois: and that's what makes me the investigative reporter that I am- I ask the tough questions(smiles)

Clark:(smiling back) yes you do Lois...all but one (holds her left hand revealing the engagement ring) {They embrace and kiss}

Lois: {smiling and cutting off mid kiss} Airforce One and the President saturday, Ceremonies on Sunday..

Clark: and tomorrow ?(as if hoping for a different answer than he's about to get)

Lois: Mayor is giving medals of honor to Detectives Jack Kirby and John Jones...

Clark: right

Lois: busy weekend

Clark: Looks like a very busy weekend and certainly no time for...

Lois: Clark Kent ! you WILL be on that Ferris Wheel ! Fear of heights or no fear of heights - a bet is a bet and you lost the bet. (Clark frowns) I'll be right there with you- ya big baby(smiles) you do know you can fly right ?

Clark: Believe it or not I'm actually nervous

Lois: It's a ferris wheel (giggling)!

Clark: No! not that...

Lois: What ? ...Clark ? what is it ?

Clark: Ah nothing, probably nothing..just a couple of restless nights

Lois: You need a vacation

Clark: sure !

Lois: I'm serious Mr Kent ! you do ALOT ! Too much for one man..(whispers) even for a superman {kiss}

Clark: Lois..{pulling back a little}

Lois: I'm serious Clark..even Superman can take a play your cards right and I may join you (wink)...maybe some red and blue lacey number...

Clark: Your'e bad !(smiling)


*scene insert- Perry and Jimmy over by the water cooler

Perry : See that Jimmy ? that's true love...almost nauseating

Jimmy : took long enough huh chief ?

Perry : With Lois and Clark I think conventional wisdom doesn't apply kid

Jimmy : Hey chief- you think Ms Lane will quit ?

Perry : quit ?

Jimmy: to be a mom

Perry : Ha! Lois ? that'll be the day you see Lois Lane with a kid

insert: Camera pans over to Daily Planet news monitors with Planet workers watching.
Lex Luthor is at a red carpet event- a charity event. The world loves the contributions LexCorp has made to the planet and specifically Metropolis.
A reporter asks as Lex is going down the carpet with a sexy Mercy at his side..
Reporter: " Lex Luthor...Lex ! " (Lex pauses for question)
"Lex Luthor....Bruce Timm- Time Magazine.. first off congratulations on winning the Nobel Prize for Science..

LL- Thank you (waves to the crowd- in this universe Lex is a media darling,celebrity-he has fans)

Reporter: " do you have any thoughts on Superman's gesture of refusing the Peace prize ?"

LL- Superman believes peace is a global effort and I believe he is just too humble to accept a singular prize. That's why he's Superman (sly smile)...and we're not(bigger smile).
Lex turns and walks off...

Scene 5: Full frame shot Moon (shadow slowly moves over the surface) Ominous music overlay
Camera from behind - A shadowed figure sits looking out over planet earth. Still shadowed the figure stands, steps down three steps and walks out

INT. OFFICE EARLY EVENING: Office Secretary of Defense Amanda Waller

Waller on phone: The president is on his way to Metropolis to meet Superman for the "America's City" ceremony and you know how giddy he gets when it comes to Superman so until you can confirm that Alpha 1 is gone and there has been some form of foul play she will not be hearing of this. I need positive confirmation- everything we have in the sky and I can't get a visual of a damn Space Station?! I want location and identification yesterday! (hangs up)
(she goes to her window and looks to the sky...after a moment she presses a button on her desk)
Enter Assistant to the Secretary:

Assistant : Madame Secretary ?

Waller: Get me anyone at Wayne Technologies- I need to speak to whomever can get me satellite access...if there's a problem then try and reach Lucious Fox. He's an old friend- patch me through as soon as that happens. (she goes back to the window looking to the sky..)

Scene 7: Nighttime Clark Kent's bedroom

Clark/Superman over head shot(above bed)
full body sweat,sounds of screams and cries pierce the dreams of Clark Kent. Images of fire and shadowed figures dance in his mind. He awakens violently and breathing heavily..he gets up to get a glass of water.

Lois (groggily) : clark ?

Clark : Just getting some water.. it's ok.

Lois (still half asleep) : freshly squeezed...

Clark : (she brings a smile to his face) always...

The moon catches his eye for a split second but pays it no mind. This isn't the first nightmare for the man of steel. He gets a drink of water..goes back to bed- small kiss on the forehead of Lois.


EXT. DAY: Metropolis  next morning

Parade, Marching Bands(playing the theme to Superman), Floats, children on merry go round, parents with kids and cotton candy, Jimmy Olson snapping away with his camera, Lois Lane and Clark Kent interviewing various city officials (incl mayor), CAMERA ZOOM over to an empty spot in the park- the wind kicks up a little stronger lifting leaves and such (envision Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade mixed with Tournament of Roses-this is what I'm going for)

Lois : Clark ! I want you to meet an old friend.. Jack this is my fiance' Clark

Clark : Nice to meet you

Jack Kirby: same..nice to finally meet the man who captured this womans' heart

Lois: oh Jack

Jack: Hard nosed, tough as nails, never say quit Lois Lane..haha I should call you Superman(laughs)

Clark and Lois : hehehe 'superman' hehehe

Jack : John! hey Jones get over here...want you to meet the peskiest reporter ever Lois Lane and this is her fiance'

John Jones: clark kent... nice to I'm a fan of your

Clark : Well didn't know I really had any but thank you...and congratulations..both of you.

Jack:'s going to be tough to retire though.

John: don't let Ruth hear that talk...she can't wait to have you home everyday.

Lois: awww she's looking forward to having her hero around more often.

Jack: shoot I just do my Superman he's a hero.

John: hey don't short change yourself..not all heroes wear a cape.

An officer brings in satellite images from an advanced Wayne Tech satellite. At the table is 1/3 of the joint chiefs, Amanda Waller and the highest ranking General(US Army)

Waller: well ?

General: it's confirmed- Alpha 1 is gone and there is an object the size of New york moving slowly- almost like a holding pattern

Waller: Object ?

General: Object... no debris, no final transmission, no space station...and a floating rock.

Waller: We'll alert the President and wait.

General: wait ? wait for what ?

Waller: exactly...

General: With all due respect Madame Secretary....

Waller: What would you suggest ? I won't risk a shuttle crew and if word gets out we may very well cause global panic.. we will wait until the President says otherwise or the 'object' makes a play...

General: What about Superman ? he could go take a closer..

Waller: This planet survived for a long time before he came along and I'll be damned if we are going to run to him for every damn event !

General: Surely you are..(cut off mid sentence)

Waller: Everyone out. Now. Leave us...(everyone leaves except the General) I'm going to say this once and once Bill you and I served together for many years- you know me. Now... we may have a President who gets as goofy as a schoolgirl on Prom Night around the ALMIGHTY SUPERMAN but I refuse to give in to the pop phenomenon that is the flying alien ! We have the most highly trained powerful military forces at our disposal..I would like to think WE can defend ourselves. (she is turned facing window with her back to him)

General : (a moment and then..) yes ma'am.

The General then stands turns and leaves.
Amanda Waller doesn't move.

INT. SPACECRAFT: CAMERA ground level All we see are feet walking towards a destination and with a purpose. The feet are walking on black metal deck- it is a corridor then a door slides open/slides closed behind him. Walk over to a metallic red fluid looking surface- a sound,we see the fading of the feet as if dispersing in air {this is a preliminary script description of the transportation/teleportation room onboard}

EXT. DAY : Metropolis  Mayor giving speech at podium {"It's not often I am given the privilage of awarding the medal of honor and today I get to do it twice- veterans,heroes,men who devoted their lives to..."} INTERRUPTION se below:

*there are two Detectives of the Metropolis PD with medals (Kirby and Jones),the mayors' wife and child,the city disrict attorney all seated behind the podium where the mayor speaks, the wind is picking up gradually and slow building to a swirling force, a sound first distant builds to an almost airliner landing sound. The ceremony is interrupted- people systematically begin to look upward. CAMERA SHOT ON Lois and Clark looking upward. An object falls from the sky too quickly now for panic or scatter to set in. A look of awe on Clarks' face... a 7ft 400 lbs magnificent looking being slowly stands..the crowd in shock. This is Devilance the Hunter sent by Darkseid to prepare Earth for his arrival. He is equal in strength to Superman, great endurance, fast but doesn't fly, can leap and he wields a pulse weapon- a lance that extends from both ends of its handle. He speaks. His voice confident,full of power,raw power-speaking down to lesser beings. He is a hunter and these are his prey and he will not disappoint his Lord.

Devilance: Who among you 'RULE THIS WORLD' ?{condescending tone} Which one of you possesses the power of a sun ?
 (no one answers..the crowd of Metropolitans are in awe as much as shock) Someone will answer to Devilance the Hunter or all of you will die...
  {he unsheaths his pulse lance: slowly it lengthens from both ends. He turns towards the podium and the Mayor who has his wife,child and Detectives Kirby and Jones around him. Clarks slips away with this opportunity.} 

camera shot of (Superman descends slowly from the sky and hovers arms crossed about 40 feet in front of Devilance) {the crowd begins to cheer as if at a sporting event.} camera catches a look of relief on the face of Lois Lane which slowly turns to concern

Devilance looks up at Superman UNIMPRESSED. He notices the Kryptonian symbol on his chest.

Devilance:(addressing Superman) You bear the mark of a dead race, You must be the being not of this planet. (laughing) Yet you dare appear before me so arrogantly... ready to die.

Superman: I am Kal-El Last Son of Krypton, Earth is my adopted home and you were about to leave.
(crowd cheers)

Devilance: So be it Kryptonian. By my hand- die for your home ! 
(more quickly than Superman could have imagined he is hit with a pulse from Devilance's weapon- sending him easily a few hundred yards backward into a bldg..stunned)
Camera Shot- Follows Superman through wall, glass and impact. Surroundings fall on and around him
Camera cut back to: a hush over the crowd... "That! That is your champion?"Devilance smiles and begins to hit everything in sight.  Car explosions/Shattering Glass/Panicked Crowd/fire and chaos
GunShots fire out from behind Devilance-they have no effect(Kirby and Jones) the detectives took their only opening and it buys time for the mayor and his wife and child to make a run for it
Camera shot: Devilance smiles,turns and fires. (to all of metropolis these two detectives are now dead- savvy fans will know that 'john jones' probably is not)


 Camera POV Superman : Crowd is screaming and scattering- Superman focuses and gets his bearings. Superman back on his feet, a look of anger on his a blur he is flying right at Devilance
Camera POV Devilance : turns and barely has time to react to a streaking Superman

Superman knowing he has to take this away from the city attempts to carry Devilence away at super speed- a streak and blur
crowd looks on.. we see firetrucks, police cars, people carrying the wounded.
Superman flying faster than ever carrying his foe.
Scene 12 A:
Devilance struggles landing punches , Superman winds up,pulls up out of flight and hurls Devilance like a baseball. Superman streaks faster to meet Devilance on the other end with a two fisted upper cut. Superman streaks even faster upward and meets Devilance with a roundhouse fist sending Devilance hurtling downward hard towards the beach of an island. The fight in 3 successive blows has brought the combatants miles away from Metropolis.
Scene 12 B
Superman streaks towards Devilance again but he has gone to the well one too many times..Devilance is ready with a downward blow that drives Superman headfirst into the sand. The air and ground shake and rumble from these blows. Devilance steps on Supermans head driving him face first deeper into the sand. Devilance raises his boot even higher this time but it gives Superman time to recover and catch his foot.
Scene 12 C
Superman stands quickly holding on to the leg of Devilance. Superman slams Devilance against the ground, repeats the move to the other side. Devilance with a swift mighty kick to the chin of Superman is now free of his grasp. Superman winds up to throw a roundhouse- Devilance has already activated teleportation. Supermans' punch hits nothing but air. Confused for a moment he stands prepared for an attack that doesn't come. His hand goes to his mouth, he is bleeding. He felt every blow. His hair is taussled,his 'S' shield charred, there is noticable swelling under his eye.

(this description does not serve justice to what the storyboards will show- it will be a brawl never before seen in a Superman film before and it is only round one)

Superman gathers himself and flies off back to Metropolis.

Scene 13: Camera Full frame the galloping hooves of a magnificent white horse, galloping against the sand we see the steed slow down and with a whinny comes to a halt at the battle damaged area of beach.
Camera pans up from sand level to stirrup level. We see a sandaled tanned calf of a woman, the bottom edge of a white flowing gown. On the sand is a shadow- a shadow of the familiar figure of an Amazon Warrior. This island is Themyscara... and it will be significant in another time.

Screen to Black(immediately go to ACT II scene 1)
End Act I * note search any scenes better suited for act I that may bring act I up to 20 scenes
The goal would be 45 minutes ACTS which together brings to 2:15 running time