Fan script for Man of Steel

a fan with an imagination


Metropolis is thriving... it is the most highly recognized city in the world due in large part to Superman. The sun shines brighter, the buildings are magnificent and the citizens almost glide on air. A virtual Utopia which garners the city worldwide accolades including "America's City". As Metropolis prepares for a weekend of ceremonies and festivities an evil force approaches Earth in the form of Devilance the Hunter- member of Darkseid's Elite Guard and chosen 'scout'. Sent to Earth to prepare it for the arrival of his Lord Darkseid, Devilance seeks to destroy whomever may stand in defiance of Darkseids' rule.

Can Superman stop this alien being from destroying all he loves ? Superman will be tested both physically and mentally. He will come to realize his own mortality, he will questiion his morality and he will realize he isn't the only god-like being in the Universe. Superman will learn sacrifice, trust and most importantly: Heroes aren't always the ones in capes with fantastic abilities.
*added 25 august 2008: In this telling of Superman everything that has been done before is being compressed and stream lined as to avoid another origin story. Superman has been in Metropolis and a planet wide phenomenon for nearly a decade(somewhere around 6-8 years)and in that time Superman has only ever faced Natural Disasters and Emergency situations that required but did not test his abilities. Lex Luthor has been a secret plotter with visions of taking over the world so there has never been conflict between Superman and Lex- so far. The world has embraced Superman but there are a handful of skeptics (Amanda Waller.Maxwell Lord and a scientist to be named later) their concern is the event of ever having to defend against Superman. This story would be the catalyst to the creation of a secret gov't agency,the discovery of other super powered beings and a the threat of global invasion by a world conqueror named Darkseid. At the time of this story Superman is engaged to Lois bypassing the need to re-tell their romance and giving the fans a chance to get right into a series of movies without wasting the first one on an origin or a love story. Their love and affection is evident and written about but it isn't a main plotline as in 'Returns'.

This film contains the seeds for Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the formation of the Justice League. Gotham city, Central city and other DC references are strewn about the screenplay also.

It is a three act story that doesn't let up, the love for Lois is apparent but not the primary focus. Lex Luthor in this version is a Billionaire Tycoon who secretly plots to rule the world via criminal acts. Clark is not a clumsy geeky type and Lois knows his secret.

*update 24 August 2008*

Also there is a scene specifically written for AFTER the credits have rolled with a very important plot point and character introduction that will lead to a sequal or a Blockbuster Team Up in 'Justice League'