Fan script for Man of Steel

a fan with an imagination

What was wrong with "Returns"

I decided to add this back so I have a constant reminder of what happens when the wrong people handle a great character.

1) In 1978 Superman it took five years for Kal El to get to Earth from Krypton. Using the same logic then Superman should have been gone 10 years for a round trip.

2) Superman lands back on earth and falls exhausted into his mother's lap. In 1978 the baby Kal El walks out of the ship hugs his mother and lifts a truck.

3) The flashback of Clark as a teen- he is wearing glasses. It is widely known that Clark Kent decides to use glasses to distract from his face so to hide secretly being Superman. There is no logical reason why he has glasses as a teenager. If he could lift a truck as a baby then I'm sure he has 20/20 vision(obviously better than that) as a teen.

4) In 1978 Clark spends 12 years with Jor El 'learning' and after he constantly goes for guidance to the fortress. Why would he even think to go and try and find Krypton? Especially after nearly losing the planet to Zod and his crew? And he would just leave his mother ? In the original film he asks Perry to send half his check to Martha Kent- so now he just abandons her?

5) In 1978 he gets a job at the Planet- not even working there a year and he uses that lame reason for leaving- safari in blah blah? and they never make the connection even when both he and Superman reappear? They hadn't heard from Clark in 5 years(no telephone in space) and Perry takes him back and nobody is curious at all.

6) Lex gets off because Superman didn't show up to court ? A known criminal who in the 1978 film is being tailed by police? what legal system is that?

7) Superman is gone 5 years. The world knows that Kryptonite can kill him. Why is there still chunks of the stuff on display at museums? The Gov't would've stockpiled whatever they could find...maybe

8) C'mon- 5 years and Jimmy Olson is still a punk kid photographer?

9) Now in 1978 Donner etablishes that Lois is in love with Superman. Upon the news that Superman has left- which there was no news so some time would have to pass before people realize he left- Lois jumps into bed with Perry Whites son so soon after that she thinks that kid is his and not Superman's.

10) Richard was not even a character in the first two movies- how did this guy appear from nowhere and get Lois Lane into bed?

11) In 1978 one golf ball sized chunk of kryptonite renders Superman helpless. 5 years later he can land on a continent of Kryptonite. He should have felt ill before he even landed and drop like a dead bird.

12) Superman bench presses this same continent while small shards of kryptonite pierce his skin and only after he hurls it into space does it take effect. Why didn't they just have him fly around the earth again and turn back time? that probably would have been more believable.

13) If Lex can stab him with Kryptonite and have his men kick the piss out of them- how in the world did he survive a fall to earth with kryptonite embedded in his skin? He should have been a blue and red inkspot.

14) Richard actually says "remember that aricle you wrote?...the other one you wrote years before I met you.."I spent the night with Superman"  umm excuse me a moment YEARS? so how long does the sperm of superman gestate inside of her womb? She wrote that article like 2-3 months before the events of Superman II where she got down with the Man of Steel.

15) How come Perry never ever comes off like he is anyone's grandfather?

16) Is Lois not going to ask him when exactly did they have sex ?

17) So Lex marries an old lady and gets her money,yacht and mansion and at no time does her family thats banging on the door contest the will and estate? they just hand it over?

18) Lex claims billions will die...then who is going to be around to buy your stupid land?

19) Who would even want to live on tar black jagged rock ?

20) The fortress and spirit of Jor El is not so easily accessible to the point where Lex can go and steal crystals and why would Superman not boost up the security after the events of Superman II ?

21) They reduced the character of Lois Lane to a bed jumping chain smoking flake

22) Wouldn't our president or gov't want to talk to Superman after being away so long? at the end of Superman II he returned the top of the whitehouse flag and promised the president he'll never leave again

23) Superman is back and Lois Lane has only one thing on her mind...the power outage.

24) Is there noone else in Smallville that a meteor can strike and only Martha Kent goes to investigate ?

25) Superman peeps in on Lois and Richard ? very WAAAAY out of line for a character established 60 yrs ago

26) Superman knows Luthor- in the original film he tricked him and got the Kryptonite on Superman...why would Superman land on the Continent and proceed to leisurely walk over to Luthor ?

27) Does Richard have a thought on finding out he isn't this kid's dad?

28) Did we really have to re-visit the 'Lois smokes cigarettes' device again?

29) Why would Lex Luthor suddenly want a posse of thugs? He is arrogant,brash and selfish- it was a miracle he had Ms Tessmacher and Otis. Now he wants punks around him ?

30) Umm in Superman II Lex went to the fortress and played with the crystals, listened to the holograms blah blah  So why the line "Tell me everything" he already heard everything five years prior- he is a genius trust me he got that info the first time around. Nothing new to report.

31) Clark comes home after 5 years and his memory flashback is running and jumping in the fields ? How about some father and son time with Jonathon ? How about anything other than running thru a corn field ?

32) This one is just me asking a question- why not just make a few kryptonite bullets ? They are already carving it into a tube with little pieces coming off...put some on some bullets.