Fan script for Man of Steel

a fan with an imagination

Act III : A Hero Reborn

Scene 1 : Mobile Military Command Center

from earlier- Waller,General Miller,various personnel,Lois Lane
Superman enters and low level military(enlisted and a few low ranking officers)begin applauding after a moment this catches Waller's attention as she and the General were over at a table looking at 'something'

Waller: QUIET ! QUIET ! What the hell is going on in here ? Lives have been lost ! good men who served this country ! I have to tell families that their husbands, their fathers are not coming home! Now stop clapping like a bunch of damn circus seals and get the hell back to work ! You people pull some dumb shit like that again and I'll have you all at courtmartial !

General: (chiming in) alright people back to work! (he walks over to various personnel giving orders pertaining to the situation)


Waller: Superman- it's no secret that I'm not really a fan but unfortunately at present this country needs you. That thing seems to be drawn to you-for whatever reason I don't know. For all I know you two played in a sandbox together when you were kids- whatever the case..I don't care. I just need that thing eliminated.

Superman: Madame Secretary..

Waller: We a have a plan drawn up ready to go. I'm using you to draw the thing back to Metropolis, my men will be positioned..

Superman: your weapons are useless there is no reason to endanger your men...

Waller: MY men will be positioned in and around the financial district WHICH is where you will be so that IT can find you. Don't worry your pretty little head about our weapons. Metropolis is fully evacuated so civilian casualty is zero.

Superman: I can stop him alone don't risk more lives...

Waller: Our weapons- I daresay can bring YOU down.(look of surprise on Superman's face)My show. My way. Clear ?

Superman: You may not like me but at least you can trust me. I won't let anything more happen to these people and my home. I would give my life to protect it- you have my word on that. (Superman walks out)

*scene (number tbd) Lois and Superman   location: somewhere away from the military but not far away- maybe a clearing or a hangar.

Lois: know I love you right ?

Superman: uh oh!(smiling) where is Lois Lane leading me to now ?

Lois : just shhh! know how in movies the girlfriend or wife of a policeman or fireman always dread the day they get a call saying their guy isn't coming home or didn't make it ? so they use it as an excuse to leave the relationship- because they can't handle that kind of fear in their life and it hurts and everyone cries and the music gets all weepy

Superman : Lois...are you having second thoughts ? (holding her hand with the engagement ring)

Lois : no. Clark..thats my point- I'm not that woman. You are do what you do and I have accepted it and I will never do that to you and that's what I'm...that's the point I am trying to make.

Superman: then..that's good right ?

Lois: My point is - you. You can't hold back it safe. I'm a big girl and if the worst were to ever happen then...but you can't worry about me- don't worry about not getting hurt- don't worry about not coming home to me- just do what you have to. Don't be too careful because of me Clark. You'll never lose me... okay ?

Superman : okay. (he understands what she meant and for the first time in his life he realizes he isn't invulnerable or immortal and thats okay.)
*writers note*
This moment is meant to mirror us- people. The better football players aren't scared to get hit,a great boxer knows he will take a few to the face. But there are people who don't ever want to be hit,pushed,bullied or even yelled at so they try to distance themselves,they become shy or introverted- this can also pertain to matters of the heart..some people won't take a chance at love because they don't want to be hurt. Superman had never been hurt so act I was a wake up call- from the blows Devilance dealt or the verbal beating of Amanda Waller-Superman was having a new experience. When you are hit for the first time- do you get up and fight back or stay down worried to be hit again. Even in Act II Superman is ordered to fight by Waller and his own sense of moral servitude but in Act III Superman will get over the hump so to speak and fight not because he has to or he is ordered to- but because he wants to. He will face Devilance as a changed man. Psychologically speaking Superman has to break the walls in his mind that obstruct him from really being able to cut loose. It is this that will make him stronger- strong enough to face future challenges.   END NOTE

Scene Unnumbered: Main street Metropolis  Superman stands at the ready now the next action is up for debate 1) Using his heat vision looks to the sky and lights up like a beacon of light reminiscent of the 2 lights that shine towards the sky in downtown New York where the Twin Towers stood  or  2) Superman using a military high grade floodlight burns(low heat) the familiar 'S' on the tempered glass and points it to the sky. as a fanboy we like this because it could give a nod to the Batman or serve as a motivation as to why the bat signal ever became an idea.

cut to: Military Command Center
radar operator- Incoming Incoming ! bearing 0-6-0 ! Multiple contacts coming hard and fast

cut to : Metropolis    Devilance and 10 winged minions screeching and coming fast towards Metropolis, Superman picks off 2 minions quickly with heat vision, Superman still standing ground fists cocked, a winged minion reaches Superman first- Superman catches it and throws it full speed at Devilance knocking him from his air sled. The remaining minions make a bead for Superman. Military snipers with the prototype rifles start popping shots at the minions. The minions turn attenntion to the humans as Devilance catches Superman with a body tackle. Minions are too quick and too much for stationary snipers. Devilance is on top  of Superman with 2 quick punches to the face. Superman kicks him off sending Devilance into the side of an abandoned bus.

cut to: An office high in the sky  the camera is behind the shoulder of a person with a view of the battle. The person turns away from the window.

cutback to: Superman right cross to Devilance. Devilance headbutt to Superman.

cutback to: inside an elevator camera behind same shoulder. doors open and there standing is Mercy personal assistant/bodyguard to Lex Luthor.

Mercy: Mr Luthor...(a greeting tone of voice)

Lex: Mercy...I'm in a generous mood.

cutback to: Superman over the shoulder throw of Devilance- Devilance into the side of a bldg.

cutback to: minions attacking military men. As a minion is about to snatch a military man it is blown out of the air. Same with another minion opposite end. Camera swings and we have a shot of Mercy guns in hand arms extended out and a smirk. She has an earpiece and she says

Mercy: 2 down

cut to: a minion is flying towards Superman from behind. Devilance has just been thrown into the bldg. The minion is picked off but with a much more powerful weapon. Superman turns and looks- Lex Luthor black turtle neck,tan slacks,italian shoes,holsters on each shoulder,guns drawn.

Lex: your welcome. (Lex disappears around a corner)

Cut to: Devilance standing tall

Devilance: Kryptonian!

cut to : Superman turns back towards his adversary

Devilance speaks as shots go back and forth between Superman and Devilance slowly moving towards each other reminiscent of old west showdowns

Devilance: While you have been a worthy opponent Kryptonian, you are no match for the hunter of Apokolips. If you are the best this world has to offer in its defense then my Lord will have an easier than expected siege of earth. Now let us finish- Don't expect mercy- I will spare no life. Die with honor or Die a coward...but die you will.

Superman throws a punch. Devilance blocks and gut punches Superman. Pulls his cape over his head and hammer punches Superman on the back. Superman on the ground and Devilance kicks him in the ribs sending him into the base of a lamppost.

Cut to: Military command  Everyone is watching on monitors. Everyone goes silent after the shot to the ribs. Lois eyes watered...

cut back to: Metropolis  Devilance stands staring down Superman who is slowly standing up.

Devilance: No words Kryptonian ? No plea for mercy ?

Superman: thank you. (he super speeds forward and drives a heavy punch to the midsection- the blow drives Devilance backwards into multiple abandoned cars) THIS ONE DEVILANCE REALLY FELT

* the next section is inspired by the battle between Darkseid and Superman from Justice League including the famous speech- we are using it in this script because we have the final battle between Darkseid and Superman written and it blows this one away.

(cont.) Superman walks toward Devilance in a stalking manner roles reversed.
Superman : my whole life I've been careful. Careful to not go too far, do too much...

Devilance stands...
Superman: living inside of a box... afraid to be hurt.. (Devilance punches him across the face hard)
cut to a shot of: Devilance smiling   then a shot of: Lois with a gasp  then back to Superman: his head turned with the punch he turns slowly back to Devilance
Superman: afraid to hurt anyone (uppercut to Devilance lifting him off the ground and then backward)
cut back to: Lois and everyone in Military Command shocked and excited. shouts of "go superman!" and "kick his ass!" . Lois very relieved,smiles,tear in eye.
Superman: but you can take it. I can open the box...and see just how powerful I really am.
Devilance throws a last punch- Superman throws a punch meeting fist to fist. Sounds of bones breaking and a scream of agony from Devilance. Devilance falls to a knee clutching his hand and wrist with the good hand.
Superman: so for that I say..thank you.
And with a final mighty blow Superman launches Devilance sending him thru buildings ( imagine the same scene from Justice League animated)

cut to a shot of : Military command which breaks out in Cheers,applause,yelling like fans at football game after the touchdown that wins the SuperBowl.

 Waller(on the phone): Yes Mr President, the threat is neutralized for the moment, I have the perimeter expanded and we will locate and contain on sight. Currently it appears to be either unconscious or deceased. That is team is closing in and it appears that... Superman ? as soon as possible...yes sir.

Cut to: Military Unit in Metropolis. They zero in on where Devilance was but nothing, just debris and a small crater that looks like it once housed a 7ft 400lbs warrior. Superman arrives also. A search for possible footsteps- anything to indicate where it may have went. Superman and all also consider the previous teleported exits. ACTUAL SCENE AND DIALOGUE TO BE ADDED

Cut to: Interior of LexCorp. Elevator descending. Each number lights up one by one. Coming to a stop just past 34 and right before 33. All these levels are below LexCorp The doors open to Lex's dirty little secret SECTOR 33.1 

Lex: ah seems as though the gods have left a gift for me.
(a motorized guerney is being taken into a very sophisticated lab. On the guerney is a large being covered wiith a black tarp like fabric)
Mercy: It seems they have Mr Luthor.
Lex: all these years trying to create the ability to finally be done with the one thing that stands in my way, my birthright, my destiny of ruling this planet...Mercy do you know what that one thing is ?
Mercy: Superman
Lex:(immediately on her word with excitement) SUPERMAN ! yes! give that woman a prize...Superman. The true test of genius is overcoming adversity and there is none greater than Superman.
Mercy: but sir then why assist earlier ?
Lex: Mercy- there is only one being in the universe worthy of snuffing out the light of hope that is Superman and that being is me.(climbing up a set of steps) And now with my brain combined with the physiology of our friend here(he is now standing on the guerney over the body)...the death of all that is good and pure is sooner rather than later. Lex Luthor: the man who killed Superman(standing tall one foot on the body almost as if pretending or imagining that it is Superman).
CAMERA: lets think a slow zoom in of Lex ending with a very grim sadistic shot of his face on the very last part of his line.

ADDED SEPT 15th**Scene unnumbered Superman and Lois Lane reunion after the battle :
Where this scene is placed is TBD.
INT NIGHT: Apartment of Clark Kent
Superman is half dressed (topless-bottom half of the classic Superman look is still there) He stands in front of a full length mirror examining places on his body he should have severe bruises,bruises from earlier in the film are gone. Slightly puzzled looks on his face. Lois enters:

Superman/Clark : Lois ? surprised me...

Lois: super hearing and all huh ? you must have alot on your mind...

Clark : apparently...Lois look my body

Lois: babe I haven't stopped looking...

Clark : (smiles) ahh no I mean the bruises..

Lois: what bruises ? (realizing) what bruises...where ? that thing hit you...alot- why aren't you hurt ?
Clark : well...I wouldn't say ALOT.  I feel great- physically at least. To be honest I didn't even feel his last few hits...
Lois: yeah well it wasn't anything I want to see again ok ? but I'm sure our friends over at STAR labs can figure this all out. How about we stick to the today and now...
Clark : I...

Lois: That was a big risk...and while it made for great theater...

Clark: I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me...

Lois: you can't just let 7ft monsters take clear shots at you...what happens if you did feel it? You know me..I'm a military brat...even carrying a bigger stick doesn't mean you let yourself get hit by the enemy first. have extraordinary abilities, your'e Superman..but it's a big universe. I'm just saying...this was a wakeup wasn't a fire or flood or a cat in a tree. It was an alien being who wasn't as friendly as you and no regard for human life. I know want to shoulder everything and do it all yourself...but you you need to let the people you have sworn to protect help you...humans aren't helpless children,we may not be as strong or intelligent or as advanced as anything out there but we will fight if and when we have to.

Clark: your'e right..I guess I have been trying to make up for Pa Kent all those years ago. I never wanted to feel that pain and loss again...I depended on my powers to do everyone.

Lois : You don't have to. Clark- people will die eventually, I know it hurts but Ma Kent, me, Perry...we will all pass on. You can keep doing what you do because lord knows it has made a difference and you are greatly appreciated. But don't feel like you have to do everything alone...and if there is a next time...

Clark: I'll be ready...I mean we will be ready. This country,this planet. If anything ever comes here looking for trouble...

Lois: Then you AND the military and the everyone will fight to our last breath. Now lets just hope that was the last alien we'll ever see (smiling) present company excluded...

Clark : agreed.

Lois: I love you. (they embrace and kiss) wine, we definitely need some wine...(she begins to walk out out of the room) and call your mom(from the hallway unseen)

Clark picks up his top looking at the 'S' shield as he remembers there is a sound overlay from act I "you bear the mark of a dead race","you can't win kryptonian" the expression on Clarks face we see he realizes that many other beings exist that may be a threat and they know of Krypton  *writer note: in the next film in our series Justice League- Superman will seek answers from the Fortress of Solitude crystals. Something he neglected to do in dealing with Devilance*

Scene unnumbered Ships Computer and Darkseid (rough draft)
Camera slowly travels thru the corridors of the vessel as this conversation takes place.

Computer: Your emissary to earth was not greeted well Lord Darkseid.
Darkseid: who speaks ? where is my lieutenant ?
Computer: he was defeated in battle. I am vessel navigator and data analytical system Alpha.
Darkseid: there is no being on earth a match for Devilance..
Computer: it was not of planet earth- it was a kryptonian. the last surviving of that race.
Darkseid: that race is thousands of years extinct...
Computer: it also appears that this kryptonian possesses power equal to that of the gods...if not more.
Darkseid: (very insulted angry tone) it would be in your better interest to save your insults...remain cloaked and continue data collection. Await our arrival. I will see for myself this kryptonian god. (image or ocal wave on main screen dissipates indicating end of communication)
Camera shot of main board on ships console: 3 small red lights forming a triangle appear.
" Initiate Brain Interactive Construction "  CUT TO BLACK

Scene final after the credits: Detective John Jones and Superman 
*writer note: Why ? after the credits...because alot of people work their ass off to make a movie and leaving a scene after the credits ensures that their names will be viewed.

INT. NIGHT :  Superman's bedroom..same from earlier- a nightmare filled with flashing colors of red and black, flames all around, screams and cries, shadowed figures, one large shadowed figure stands out, a hand shadowed and dark grabs at the screen. Superman's eyes open. He is in a cold sweat, he is shaken and doesn't know why. He gets up to get water- it's becoming a routine. We and the camera follow Superman from bedroom to kitchen- he opens the the door to the fridge and as he does...

voice: Those same screams have awakened me for decades...
a figure is seated in the adjacent living room shadowed

Superman: wha..! who's there ? (he moves towards living room) who are you ? How did you know...about the screams ?

J'onzz: I put them there...they are the final cries of my people from a long time ago...Kal El. (he leans foward and the dim light reveals Detective John Jones thought to be dead)

Superman: you ? I thought...what do you mean you put them there ?

J'onzz: to warn you..what you defeated today is only the beginning...

Superman: I won't make the same mistakes again-if there are more I will be ready..this planet will be ready

J'onzz: this planet is not ready...(eyes begin to glow red) and you will need help

*note this scene continues and it begins JUSTICE LEAGUE- our screenplay vision of what fans want to see of the DC teamup movie.