Fan script for Man of Steel

a fan with an imagination

Act II : Heroes and Choices

Fade in from black : Evening
Overhead shots of 'Ground Zero' DownTown Metropolis
Mobile triage units, Floodlights set up, Workers and Volunteers digging through debris and rubble, Firefighters dousing various small fires, crying children,chaos and a somber mood,Mobile Military Units, Military Vehicles have arrived.
News teams from every major network, all newspapers.
(during this sequence a sound overlay) "this is the scene tonight in Downtown Metropolis in the wake of todays' tragic events, an estimated 1500 people were in attendance of what was to be day one of a three day festival celebrating Metropolis and it's citizens. The President who was due to arrive saturday morning was re-routed to an undisclosed location. The Secretary of Defense Amanda Waller arrived roughly an hour ago to assess the situation and will be holding a press conference later this evening. Once again in case you are just joining us...earlier today an unidentified being interrupted the Medal of Honor ceremony in Downtown Metropolis demanding to know who our leader was..{click}  Martha Kent shuts off her television.

(Inserted unnumbered)cut to: Air Force One and the office of Amanda Waller

President : Amanda...Superman has been this planets' greatest asset. He has been a champion of good since his arrival. What happened today only solidifies my point- America and the rest of the world need Superman.

Waller: Sir- even with all his wondrous abilities Superman could not prevent nor contain a terrorist attack on our most prosperous US city. He has never encountered this type of menace..he isn't a warrior like you and I.

President: What do you suggest Amanda ? We bench the star player ?

Amanda: No..We let my Special Forces take the point and Superman follows my lead. I draw up the plays and he executes the gameplan. You know I'm right Bill...he doesn't have the military training or strategic instincts to lead. This threat will return and the United States need to be at the ready.

President: Okay, points duely noted. He is a personal friend, I will let him know that you have the lead, and that I expect him to follow your orders as he would mine. Full co-operation on his part.

Waller: Thank you Mr President..

President: but..Amanda- try not to be so...abrasive. He is a pure hearted individual who would give his life for this can't buy that kind of courage.

Scene 2 : Clarks' apartment phone ringing. Clark walks gingerly over to the phone and hits 'talk' before he can speak...

Martha: Clark how are you ? I've been watching the news looks like a war zone..

Clark: (cutting her off) Ma...(a moment passes and he still can't get another word out)

Martha: son ?...what's wrong ? tell your ma what's wrong it Lois ? did she get hurt ?

Clark: no. Lois is fine. I ... (silence)

Martha: clark...?

Clark: I'm scared.....

Martha: oh clark...honey it'll be...

Clark: I haven't been this scared since Pa died. This..being took every thing I threw at him and he just hit back harder and harder

Martha: Clark...

Clark: so many people... I should've been smarter...I'm supposed to save lives...

Martha: Don't do this to yourself. You did what you saved alot of lives today. You are only one man..when the world has needed you- you have been there every time. Do not blame yourself for anything...many many people have you to thank .
(sound of a door opening and closing in clarks apartment)

Clark: I love you Ma (Lois walks into the room sits beside Clark and puts her arms around him)

Martha: You stay safe and take care of that beautiful fiance' you got...promise ?

Clark: (Lois is examining his wounds carefully,she has never seen him bruised or cut) I promise...I'll call you soon ok ?


Scene 3: Press Conference Amanda Waller under a tent with floodlights, activity in the background addresses the media

Waller : Effective immediately the United States is on red alert status. Downtown Metropolis is now designated 'Ground Zero' and General Miller and his men will oversea and police this and all surrounding areas. The President will remain in an undisclosed location. Our first priority is now to find and debrief Superman. We need to find out who or what that was that attacked Metropolis. That is all I have for now and I will not be taking questions, nor anyone else involved in this matter.

Reporters and members of the media still try shouting out questions that fall on deaf ears. Camera flashes and Waller and her entourage exit the tent.. various people randomly shout out 'look its Superman' , 'Superman'... Superman approaches Waller

Waller: follow me. (she turns and walks Superman follows)
They enter a designated military only area:

Waller: We need to know everything you know about that thing that attacked

Superman: You know as much as I do. He didn't talk much.

Waller: (takes a closer look at the bruises) this the first time you get your ass kicked ?

Superman : Madame Secretary if you don't have anything else I need to...

Waller: YOU LISTEN UP AND YOU LISTEN GOOD ! That cowboy shit you pulled probably cost about 100 lives!

Superman : what ?

Waller : I saw the footage...posing and hot dogging..You had the drop on him before he ever made a read on chose to hotdog when you should have been drop kicking his ass back to wherever the hell he came from. Back during the war if one of my men would've pulled that stunt I would've stomped a mudhole in his ass and walked it dry (she is now in Supermans' face) Now here's what going to happen slick...I have every piece of tech on this planet looking up to the sky for a rock the size of your ego and the moment that thing even sniffs our oxygen it's going to have the full force of my military up it's inter-galactic ass.....and your'e going to help.

Superman : ...yes.. ma'am.


Waller : why don't you make yourself useful for now and go patrol the sky.


*unnumbered scene: General Miller and Amanda Waller
Waller: I have been given clearance to jumpstart Project CADMUS

General: I thought the President wasn't going to authorize the project because of the amount of funding needed ?

Waller: Lets just say we found the funding.

General: found ?

Waller: I've contacted Westfield and Lord. I want you on board.

General: We'll talk when this is over. One crisis at a time.

Waller: Sure...sleep on

Scene 4 : Sky above Metropolis

Supermans' thoughts : Random shots will play along with each thought- all from earlier scenes. Superman is embarassed, confused. His mind and thoughts are racing

Was she right ? did I let my ego get in the way ? I could have hit him first. I could have saved lives. I have never been hit before..not like that. Lois could have been killed..Jimmy. Those men risked their lives...those men deserved those medals. I've let myself become over confident. How could I be so naive ? Grow up Clark ! What's wrong with you ? I should have struck first. I should have struck first. I'm not a hero. Those men and women down there they're the heroes. They aren't bulletproof. They bleed. They get sick. I have abilities...I am invulnerable. Am I ? Grow up Clark ! Pa was a hero. Jor El was a hero. I let them down, I was careless...

scene 5 : Dawn Metropolis Airstrip -Fighter Jets are being fueled and readied. Inside the tower military personnel monitoring radar. Commands and chatter back and forth on radio communications.  There a group of fighter pilots gathered being addressed by a strong noble looking man: Captain Hal Jordan United States Airforce.

Jordan: Men I kow we haven't had time with these new toys but time isn't a luxury we can afford. Only difference between these and your normal F-14 ? It's just you. So watch your backs. We don't know if they even need us but we're here if they do. We don't know what we would even be fighting but whatever it is- it was strong enough to take on Superman. So full throttle- no holding back. As of right now we are air support- Superman will have the questions. Don't waste any missiles- fire when you have tone! We will need all of our fire power. We can't afford to go tossing hail mary's. (altering tone and speech pattern)Now on a more real note... I know you're scared, I'm scared. (squinting one eye)We have not faced the unknown before, we don't know if this thing brought friends, we don't know how many.(squinting both eyes) Here is what we do know- we will go at this with guts! we will go at this with courage! we will go at this with the strength of a nation at our backs! We will not quit! We will not give up! Who are we ?

Pilots: (in unison) CHEESY!!

Jordan: Damn right!(laughing) shoot boys..I don't have any inspiring speeches we are the elite so let's just do what we do



Scene 6 : Tower Command 

Scrambling military personnel. Personnel stationed at radar consoles. Waller,the General standing behind a young officer at a larger radar console. Lois and Superman over at the edge of the room.

Lois: I just talked to Perry...Metropolis is fully evacuated of civilians.

Superman: Good.

Lois: Knowing Perry though he's probably got the Planet chopper 1 on standby..(imitating Perry) Get the scoop gotta get the scoop! (she laughs but it slowly dies out when Superman doesn't laugh) please laugh...

Superman:(serious tone) It wasn't funny (he looks at her as if really being serious but gradually smiles)

Lois: When this is over...vacation.

Superman: Lois... I - (someone shouts: Incoming-Incoming-Multiple contacts coming in hard and fast heading 0-2-0)

Lois: go. I'll be here when you get back.

Waller (from where she is standing) : Scramble Eagle One now ! Superman !

Superman : I'll head up and buy time (speeds out)

Waller : Okay people we don't want to make this an all day affair...Radar One find me an origination point- that rock has to be close enough to get a missile lock on. Let's blow the damn thing out of the sky.

General : Radar three estimate lat and long for fallout possibilities. Radar two- updates every 30...We need to know where they are at all times.. ETA Liftoff Eagle One ?

Officer: 2 minutes General...

Scene 7 :  In the sky  Devilance on a flying vehicle (shape leaning towards a waverunner)

maybe 20-25 Aerotroopers they are the winged minions of Apokolips (look tbd) they have fantastic maneuverabilty and they don't think they just fight. They are the least powerful creatures of Apokolips- deadly but as vulnerable as anything on earth.

Superman streaks upward to meet the horde head on. They ALL bear down on Superman. Superman is swarmed (picture when bees swarm a human). He continues to ascend bringing the horde with him. Devilance sits back with grin. The fighter jets one by one take off. "Lets hustle men" is heard over pilot headsets.

*scene unnumbered
Superman begins a gradual spinning motion...the minions are all over him...he spins faster and faster...then suddenly stops and the next shot is an explosive type show of force from Superman sending all minions scattering in different directions (story board will better illustrate but imagine lighting a firecracker in a small box of confetti- the end result is what I'm looking for visually)

*scene unnumbered
From the clutter of scattering minions Superman speeds right towards Devilance who instantly fires off a pulse which sends Superman backwards into a few minions

*scene unnumbered
Formation of Hi Tech One man fighter jets (smaller one man version of a blackbird jet?)
appear through the clouds
cut to: shot of Minions in formation screeching towards jets

Note: the inspiration of the entire dogfight is from Independence Day

*scenes will include  1)one or two fighter jet casualty/explosions
2) a pilot ejects from a hit jet but is snagged mid air by a minion
3) Hal Jordan engaging a minion with fancy flight work
4) another pilot has to eject but before he is snagged by a minion Hal Jordan shoots the minion out of the sky
5) Superman exchanging blows with Devilance
6) Superman uses heat vision as long range weapons and makes a save on Hal Jordan by shooting a minion off his tail
7) Minion forces are depleted down to about half
8) Devilance unable to get an upper hand on Superman
9) A minion grabs Superman from behind as Devilance is bearing down on Superman
10) only two jets left Hal Jordan and Lt John Stewart
scene :
Jordan : stay with me Stewart ! it's us and big blue now

Stewart: Hal theres two on your tail!

Jordan : I know.. I'll curl left- fire on opening!  ( curls jet quickly left- Stewart shoots down the two minions before they can make the turn )

Stewart : Got em! that's all of them Captain...
11) at this point Jordan sees the Superman situation- in real time the entire event from the point where the minion grabs Superman from behind and Devilance readys to fire on Superman would be mere seconds- Jordan make a split second decision
*note- earlier in the air battle it is established each jet has four missiles but they aren't fast enough to be of use on the minions because they can maneuver so quickly, therefore the pilots have been using gunfire
Jordan hits the trigger- nothing. guns are completly dry, used up during the whole ordeal. In an instant he punches the jet into full speed and flies it into Devilance's vehicle. The collision sends Devilance off course spinning fire smoke and damage to his vehicle, the jet is reduced to a cockpit hurtling downward in flames and smoke.
cut to: shot of Stewart "Captain !"
cut to Superman who throws minion off his back and starts to fly towards Jordans' jet before he can get to full speed and make the save Devilance flies into him from behind.
Lt Stewart opens fire on Devilance.
Devilance turns attention to Stewart.
Superman turns and cuts Devilance's vehicle in half with heat vision.
Devilance begins to fall but teleports the same way he did back on the beach with Superman.
The last minion is nowhere to be found in the sky.

Scene Unnumbered : Mobile Military Command Set Up
Amanda Waller and General Miller

Waller: Negative on eliminating its vessel. Negative on eliminating the being. Negative on it's current location. The only positive thing we have is that it seems to be drawn to Superman somehow

General : what do you mean ?

Waller: Everytime that thing has appeared Superman was around. An entire planet and he chooses here and him..why ? It's almost as if...

General: what ?

Waller: He said he was a the video footage...(shouts) CT's bring up the video of the initial attack from Metropolis on the Main Screen

*video comes up- it will be footage of act I event as if from a news camera
Waller and General Miller watch it and Amanda Waller points out:
1) Devilances first words
2) Devilances words while he was unloading on the surrounding area and crowd

Waller : right there! 'I am Devilance the Hunter...(from the video)'- the very first thing he demanded was to know who rules us and he called himself 'the hunter'..

General: Like animals in the jungle...

Waller : eliminate the strongest of the herd.

General: Superman

Waller : He is going to keep coming back for Superman...wherever he is.

General : We can set up our forces in a designated location, use Superman as a beacon..

Waller : bait.

General : and engage and eliminate the threat. only question is with what...we don't have the firepower...

Waller : taken care of.

General : What ?

Waller : we have some weapons of a higher nature that should be able to do the job. developmental stage -around a dozen or so usable prototypes. (looking out a glass at Superman in the distance)

General : developmental ? when did our guys start working on this ?

Waller: oh...about 5 or 6 years ago (still looking out at Superman)

Scene Unnumbered: back at Metropolis Airstrip
John Stewart and Superman. Superman approaches from behind a seated Stewart who is facing an open locker..his head down.
Superman : thank you. all of you. your'e all incredibly brave men.

Stewart: were. (not turning)

Superman: your'e all heroes. I'm...sorry I couldn't...

Stewart: Superman- we signed up for this. We know the risk going in. Captain Jordan knew that and so did everyone else. we are heroes...but you- you are a superhero. You can do things we can only dream instead of us all a favor....and kick it's ass.