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A fans' take on the next Superman film


I have been a longtime Superman fan and like other fans I was left a little disappointed in 'Superman Returns'. Now don't get me wrong it was a beautiful film, well shot with an interesting story. What it wasn't ? well it wasn't Superman. At least not my Superman.

What my script does is capture the magic that makes Superman the most iconic figure in the world next to Mickey Mouse. Taking inspiration from how well Zach Snyder is translating Watchmen from pages to book- I am taking the best elements of every form of Superman ever realized. The confidence and swagger of Superman from Justice League, the battles you would find only in pages of comic bookc and the little nuances that were created in both Superman 1978 and the Donner cut of Superman II.  I am writing this as a god-like figure who feels indestructible only because he has never fought an equal. Superman would be the man dependent on his abilities more than actual fighting skill. He will be forced to grow up in a sense if he truly wants to be a hero.

It is a rough draft- and not in traditional screenplay format. The first draft is written by hand sitting on a table next to me and slowly but surely I will type. I would love fan feedback because I think ultimately a movie has to fill the needs of many and not the few. Not everyone will be happy. Some will want a different villain. I thought about a more reality based Superman but with all his abilities and his rogue's gallery- the film ultimately has to feel like a live action Justice League cartoon or Justice League of America comic book. Remember the movie by WB standards has to bring in and win over 5,6,7 yr olds as well as 45 yr olds. For that reason cartoon network has such success with Justice League. This screenplay will give audiences a visually spectacular film with a fantasy comic book storyline that is entertaining and plausible. The current plan is Man of Steel leads to Justice League- and a 3rd Superman film would then lean more dramatic by applying the Doomsday storyline. Darkseid's storyline would resolve in Justice League and Brainiac/Luthor would be the theme of a Justice League sequal. I am shooting for a 'Spider-Man'(Raimi) feel crossed with Snyder's 'Watchmen'

This is the first of 5 screenplays which in 'fantasy world' would serve as Summer Blockbusters starting in year 2011 and having a film every 2 yrs stretching this series to a 10 year span. Which would allow Green Lantern,Flash and Wonder Woman and possibly movie based on Thanagarians(Hawkgirl/Hawkman) to hit theaters in between. Please refer to the section "If it were up to us"

Please feel free to send suggestions or feedback- its a fan collaborative. The goal is that WB gives big blue the movie he and the fans deserve.

I own none of these characters, they belong solely to DC comics,Warner Brothers and there is no intent of infringment on those properties.  ;)

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